Luke Combs’ Song “Better Together” Is A Love Letter To His Wife

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On the day of his sophomore album’s full release, the final song on the record’s track listing was one that many folks took note of – because of the beautifully-written lyrics and the emotion behind it all.

Dubbed “next year’s top wedding song” by some outlets, “Better Together” is a song that Luke Combs specifically wrote as a love letter to his fiancee, Nicole Hocking.

Combs and Hocking have been dating for more than three years and got engaged in 2018.

They were married on August 1, 2020.


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“Better Together” is a song that talks about how different things that simply match up perfectly – “and probably always will.”

“Some things just go better together
And probably always will
Like a cup of coffee and a sunrise
Sunday drives and time to kill
What’s the point of this old guitar
If it ain’t got no strings
Or pouring your heart into a song
That you ain’t gonna sing?
It’s a match made up in heaven
Like good ole boys and beer
And me, as long as you’re right here”

In an interview with The Boot, Luke opens up about the song and what it has meant for his relationship with Nicole.

“I wrote that one when me and my fiancee hadn’t even started dating yet. I think there’s definitely gonna be stuff, with us being engaged now, and eventually we’ll be married and have a family,” he muses. “I think there will always be some sort of something like that somewhere in my music.”

“I think there will always be songs about Nicole on all my records. I hope they don’t get to be too gushy — but “Beautiful Crazy” was pretty gushy.”

Listen to this song that was written straight from the heart for his soul mate below. And be sure to download a copy of his album What You See Is What You Get.