Luke Thinks They’ve Found ‘The Biggest Star We’ve Ever Had’ In ‘Idol’ Trailer

American Idol / YouTube

In just a few days, ABC will debut its third season of their rebooted American Idol.

But before the February 16 premiere, a teaser has to be dropped and that’s exactly what the show quietly did on December 16, 2019. Every year, the show promises us better talent than the year before. With past winners being Maddie Poppe and Laine Hardy, it’s going to be hard to top that!

But according to Luke Bryan in the trailer, they’ve already found “the biggest star we’ve ever had on American Idol.”

The preview mixed in other auditions, including a girl who judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan said “No” to, but Katy Perry was so convinced she took them all outside so the girl could sing on the streets for the public. She impressed everyone so much down there that they gave her a coveted golden ticket to Hollywood.

Part of one female contestant’s emotional story was shown. Her mother went to jail when she was very young and had to deal with a lot growing up, but it never deterred her dream from being a singer.

Another emotional moment was when they featured a garbage man talking to the judges.

“He’s here to show his daughter that he’s somebody,” Richie said, followed by Perry in tears saying, “That wasn’t garbage. That was greatness.”

This trailer is definitely getting us ready for the new season. Make sure you tune in February 16 to see the premiere!

Watch the full trailer in the video below.