67-Point Whitetail Buck Harvested By Bowhunter In Kansas

Facebook /Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism

38-year-old Brian Butcher from Chase County, Kansas has just harvested one of the rarest whitetail deers on the planet, a non-typical 67-point buck.

“When I first saw it, I thought it had some branches or grass tangled up in its antlers,” Brian said according to KS Outdoors. “But when I looked at him with binoculars, I realized it was all antlers.”


Brain said he was bowhunting and sitting high in a deer stand when he saw the buck walking around in October. He was in shock at how many points it had. It was walking about 25 yards away from him and within range of a shot so Brain let his arrow fly. The deer took off and only made it another 25 yards before it went down.

The Kansas Department of Wildlife said that the deer scored 321 3/8 inches and when it gets verified at the next Boon and Crockett Club’s awards ceremony in 2022 they are confident that Brian’s deer will rank as the fourth in the world for a non-typical whitetail deer.


It’s definitely going to be the largest non-typical whitetail deer in the state of Kansas, completely dominating the current state record of 57 2/8 inches for shooting a deer of this type with a bow.

As far as the largest non-typical whitetail deer in the world, that record goes to bowhunter Luke Brewster from Illinois who scored a 327 7/8 inches deer in 2018. Brian came super close to beating the number one world record holder.