Man Fined For Towing Jacuzzi Behind Small Porsche

Woodstock Police / Facebook

The Woodstock Police Service tweeted a statement on Twitter on June 18th, 2020, showing a little Porsche towing a full-sized jacuzzi behind it on a rickety handmade trailer.

It happened in Woodstock, Ontario and, I know we said it was a trailer but it’s actually a dolly used to move refrigerators that was redneck-rigged to a few two-by-four boards that were somehow strapped to the trunk of the car.

Police said they pulled a 54-year-old male driver over around 1:30pm and charged him with Careless Driving. They then took pictures of the vehicle and shared it to remind people of the dangers of doing something reckless like this.

“All drivers on the roads should have a safe environment when travelling. Towing items such as trailers with larger items have the potential to cause a dangerous situation for everyone using the roadway.” the Woodstock Police said on a Facebook post.

The department went on to say that the Highway Traffic Act and the Ministry of Transportation provide specifications and requirements for carrying a load safely. The said if the jacuzzi somehow became unattached from the handmade trailer it would have caused some serious damage to anyone that was in its path.

The Woodstock Police said before towing a trailer, the driver must:

  • Ensure the trailer is registered
  • Make sure the trailer is in good condition
  • Requires strong brakes to stop and hold the trailer
  • Must have proper lights
  • Must have two separate ways of attaching the trailer to your vehicle
  • Need to use a good trailer hitch
  • Carry a safe load that is balanced evenly