Man Spots Same Albino Deer Twice In One Month

KDKA / Twitter

In September 2019, a Pittsburgh area man named Thomas Daniels and his wife were sitting on their porch when they spotted a rare albino deer.

Neither of them had a camera or their phones on them so they couldn’t document the sighting.

Tuesday (Sep 24), as luck would have it, the albino deer returned! This time, Daniels acted fast enough that he was able to capture some video of the beautiful, and rare, creature.

Wildlife biologist Fayln Owens says the odds of seeing an albino deer are 1 in 30,000. Although those odds aren’t great, a few people across the country have spotted one or more recently!

A woman in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin saw three at once the other day!

One woman in Maryland tweeted about her albino deer spotting in Centreville, MD, while a man responded saying he saw two in Parkville, MD.

Watch Daniels’ video of the albino deer near his Pittsburgh home below.