Marty Robbins’ Son Makes TV Debut To Sing With Him

tarquin45 / YouTube

Like Father, Like Son

Oftentimes, the children of country singers go on to follow in their footsteps. After growing up around country music their entire lives, these children can’t help but develop a love for the genre.

tarquin45 / YouTube

As one of the leading country stars of his time, Marty Robbin‘s house was surely full of quality country music. Growing up around him inspired his son, Ronny, to become a singer himself, and he even released a few songs!

Ronny performed during the 1970s under the name Marty Robbins Jr., and Columbia Records released his debut album in 1969. While Ronny eventually stopped making music and touring, he told the Phoenix New Times that he now takes care of the family business, Marty Robbins Enterprises.

Marty & Ronny Were Two Peas In A Pod

One of the songs Ronny recorded was titled “Big Mouthin’ Around.” That song was an important piece of his musical career, because it was the one that he performed with his father during his big television debut.

Prior to welcoming Ronny, Marty joked around that his son was so nervous about singing on TV that he would have to carry him up on stage. The way he talked, he made it sound like Ronny was a young child rather than a full-grown teenager!

The two kept the joke going as Marty walked off of the stage, only to return a few moments later being carried by Ronny. Looks like Ronny also inherited his dad’s sense of humor!

Marty was proud to introduce his son to everyone watching, and revealed that they would be singing “Big Mouthin’ Around.” As they sang, it became a challenge to tell the difference between Marty’s voice and Ronny’s. They sound so similar!

Father and son seemed to be having a blast singing together. The two couldn’t keep the smiles off their faces, and their happiness is a huge reason why the performance is such a joy to watch.

After watching this, there’s no denying that Ronny is his father’s spitting image in every way! If you need even further proof, listen to Ronny sing his dad’s signature hit “El Paso” in the clip below.