Massive Snake Climbs Onto Land Rover

@iamhe1di / TikTok

A jaw-dropping video recently shared to TikTok by user @iamhe1di showed a massive snake climbing onto the hood of a Land Rover.

The video starts off with the reptile slithering its way towards the vehicle and then lifting its powerful body off the ground to rise up onto the hood of the vehicle.

@iamhe1di / TikTok

As it peeks over the hood, one of the onlookers who were outside of the Land Rover took off running across a field while the other one quickly jumped back inside the vehicle.

The driver hit the pedal to go in reverse and back down the hill and, since the snake still had the majority of its weight on the ground, it fell off the vehicle as it was pulling away.

The giant snake laid on the ground for half a second before it slithered across the sandy road and chased after the vehicle.

The wild snake appeared to be at least 10 feet in length.

@iamhe1di / TikTok

One of the commenters on the TikTok post, Ryan Seitz said, “I’m not a genius, but shutting the doors and staying in the vehicle sounds like a logical thing to do?!” 

Another commenter Devon said, “You know let me run out the car into the snake’s natural habitat…. Yeah, I’ll be safe there.

User 8800827197675 wrote, “The guy running must have thought, that snake is gonna eat the car!!”

Sweetcheeks2006 commented, “Snake is now the proud owner of a Land Rover.”

User 4243257796683 said, “Why are they exiting the car instead of staying inside and closing the doors, instead of running out, what if they see another one, then what?” 

Watch Footage Of The Snake Below