Matthew McConaughey Finally Reveals If He’ll Run For TX Governor

@GregAbbott_TX / Twitter

52-year-old Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey shared a public statement on Sunday letting Americans know where he currently stands on running for a position in politics.

In the past couple of years, McConaughey has been considering the idea of running for the governor of Texas in this next election cycle and has many people supporting his idea.

In fact, a recent survey taken by residents in the state said that 45 percent of the people who participated in it would vote for him.

If he was to actually enter into the political arena on this upcoming election cycle, he would be running against the current Republican Gov. Greg Abbott where the survey had 33 percent of the people voting for him.

McConaughey said in his public statement,“Over the past two years, I’ve been working on the answer to the question of how I can be most useful in this life, going forward. Useful to myself, useful to my family, and to the most amount of people. One category of service I’ve been exploring is politics.” 

He went on to say that over the years he has been studying Texas and American politics and has learned that we have some problems we need to fix.

He said, “Our politics needs new purpose. That we have divides that need healing. That we gotta start shining a light on our shared values – the ones that cross party lines, the ones that build bridges, instead of burn ’em.”

Even with the stats leaning in his favor, he concluded that as for now, he has decided to not enter the political arena and focus on things he feels would make more of an impact.

It is a “path I am choosing not to take at this moment,” he said. 

McConaughey explained that he will continue to invest his time and resources in supporting entrepreneurs, businesses, and foundations that he believes are leaders in their own communities.

“Establishments that I believe are creating pathways for people to succeed in life; organizations that have a mission to serve and build trust while also generating prosperity. That’s the American dream,” he said. “So to the leaders and servants out there, and the leaders and servants in each one of us, cheers to you. Here’s to the freedom to be you. The freedom to be me. And to our responsibility to be us.”

Watch McConaughey’s Full Video Statement Below