Bear Eats $600 Worth Of Meat After Garage Door Is Left Open

Viral Seal / YouTube

Amy Franklin from Breckenridge, Colorado woke up one morning to find that her refrigerator in the garage was ransacked while she was sleeping and the thief apparently stole over $600 worth of food.

Amy admittedly said that she forgot to shut the garage door on a cold-weather night before she went to sleep. Bears are supposed to be heading into hibernation so the whole event was a bit of a surprise.

The incident took place right before midnight on October 7th and it wasn’t until she watched her Ring security camera that she figured out who the culprit was.

Viral Seal / YouTube

After reviewing the footage, she saw that it was an adult bear that had entered the garage and proceeded to open the refrigerator door. The bear ate hundreds of dollars in frozen meat and ate all of her frozen hot chocolate.

“Based on the videos, the bear was here for about an hour and a half, he took everything out of the freezer, including over $600 in frozen meats,” She told WBTW.

According to the Colorado resident, it wasn’t the first time she has captured footage of a bear on her Ring camera.

Normally her garage door is well secured and bear-proof, however, this definitely serves as a reminder to all those who live in bear country to make sure their home is secure before heading off to bed.

Watch Footage Of The Bear Break-In Below