Meet Ernest Tubb’s Talented Children

When The Cowboy Sings / YouTube

The legendary Ernest Tubb is known for his country hits, as well as being a great dad to eight children. With his first wife Elaine Cook, who he married in 1934, they had sons Justin and Roger, and daughter Violet. After Ernest and Elaine divorced, he married second wife Olene in 1949 and together, they had five children: Erlene, Olene, Larry, Karen, and Ernest Jr.

While most stayed away from the public eye, three of his children followed in his footsteps, so let’s meet the talented Tubb bunch!


Justin became a Nashville star as a teen and joined the Grand Ole Opry at a young age. He was known for his heartstring-tugging duets with Goldie Hill and Lorene Mann. Many country music fans today hold Justin in high regard. Words from one of Justin’s hit songs are actually engraved into a monument at Ernest Sr.’s grave:

You gave me Texas and Tennessee. You wrapped up your music and gave it to me. Daddy, the legacy you left me is more precious than gold. You put a song in my soul. Thanks Troubadour Thanks.

Justin’s sons—Zachary and Cary (deceased) both went into the recording industry, following in the footsteps of both their father and grandfather.


Violet recorded a song with her father entitled A Dear John Letter, but it can be tough to find, as it’s recorded under the name Scooter Bill Tubb.

Ernest Jr.

Ernest Jr. was known for working with dear old dad as well. He appeared on his dad’s television show, but didn’t go on to work in show business as an adult. As a kid, he went by the nickname “Tinker.”