Middle Cross Still Stands After Tornado Knocks Down The Other Two On Easter

Jared Daniel Bailey / Facebook

On Easter Sunday in 2020, some very bad weather swept across the southern states of America. Unfortunately, heavy rain and tornados caused major damage to multiple properties and took the lives of 18 people.

On top of this, with the coronavirus pandemic causing unemployment to skyrocket, it seemed like there was nothing positive about that Easter morning. However, for the Christian folks who drove past Lawler Missionary Baptist Church located northwest of Birmingham, Alabama, they saw a sign of hope.


There are three crosses that normally stand on the church property but as the storm came through it knocked down two of them and left only one standing. The one that was left standing was the symbolic cross that Jesus would have been nailed to and the other two crosses laying on the ground are the ones the thieves would have been nailed to, according to the Bible.

Seeing this lifted the community’s spirits after such a devastating night. In fact, Jared Daniel Bailey shared a picture of the crosses on Facebook saying, “Look, the middle Cross is still standing. He lives.” The church also posted the picture to their Facebook page as well saying, “God is faithful.”

The roof on the church was torn off, trees were snapped in half across the street from the church, even an old gas station down the street was completely destroyed. One woman was even pulled from a destroyed car and was transported to the hospital not too far from the church.

Overall, Jared’s post not only lifted spirits but it quickly got shared over 7 thousand times within 24 hours and many believers in Jesus commented their “Amen” on the post.