Minnesota Certifies New State Record-Holding Muskie – Described As ‘A True Giant’

Minnesota Fishing / Twitter

There’s a new record-holding muskie fish in Minnesota, and it was actually caught by a man from Iowa!

On August 6, Corey Kitzmann was alone at his family’s cabin on Lake Vermilion when he received some bad news. He got a call that one of his best friends had just passed away at the age of 40.

Since he was all alone with no one to comfort him, Kitzmann decided to hit the water and go fishing. That’s when he reeled in the catch of a lifetime.

Kitzmann had been creating a homemade bucktail lure that morning, so he took it out on the lake with him. 

I worked my way through my favorite milk run of spots with my newly tied bucktail, thinking about all the ways my buddy had impacted my life and the memories we had shared together,” Kitzmann said in an October 11 news release cited by KARE 11 News. “I’m not sure there is a better place in the entire world to reflect on life than in a boat on Lake Vermilion.”

As he was in the middle of reflecting, Kitzmann got a bite. He then reeled in a massive muskie, which he described as “a true giant.”

Fellow boaters stopped by to help Kitzmann get a few pictures with the fish, and also helped him release it.

Now, over two months since Kitzmann caught and released the big muskie, the Minnesota DNR has named the fish a new record-holder in the state.

According to KARE 11 News, the Minnesota DNR said Kitzmann’s muskie measured 57 1/4 inches and weighed 47 lbs. The DNR certified his catch as a new catch-and-release state record muskie.

There have been some impressive muskie catches through the years, including one back in Kentucky in 2009. That state record muskie was caught by teenager Sarah Terry, and it weighed 47 pounds. You can learn more about her catch below.

Have you ever seen a muskie as big as the one caught by Kitzmann or Terry? Let us know if you have!