Mountain Dew Lovers Can Have A Candle That Smells Just Like The Soda

photo credit: Etsy

New Mountain Dew Candle

For those who love the smell of a cold, crisp Mountain Dew after it’s opened are about to be even happier when hearing about what novelty wax specialists 716CandleCo is doing. Introducing, the brand-new candle that smells just like Mountain Dew!


Created From Upcycled Cans

That’s right, this newly developed product is put together with uncycled Mountain Dew cans. They cut a hole in the top of the can and smooth down the sharp edges before filling it with 100% soy wax that has over 40 hours of burn time.

You can purchase the product on for $15 along with many other types of your favorite beverages. So if you’re more into the Diet Moutain Dew over a regular Dew, you can enjoy that smell too.

Reviews On The New Dew Candle

According to the reviews on the website, everybody who purchases the candle really likes it because there’s currently over 500+ reviews written on it and it still holds a 5-Star status. Here are a few things that customers have said about it:

  • Andrew purchased the candle on Jan 7th and says, “Shipping was fast, candle smells exactly like Mountain Dew, and candle design was exactly as anticipated – a perfect gift for any Mountain Dew fanatic!”
  • Amanda gave it a 5-Star review saying, “This candle exceeded my expectations. It looks so cool and smells just like a mountain dew! I will be ordering again!” 
  • “My aunt is obsessed with Mt. Dew, this is going to be the perfect gift for her! It smells JUST like it, I’m so impressed!” Christine Flessner mentioned in his review.

If you’re interested in purchasing the candle and others like it visit Or, if you’d like to learn how to make your own Mountain Dew candle watch the tutorial video below.