Father And Sons Net 2,200-Pound Catches Over 2-Day Fishing Trip

roberthpoirier / Instagram

During the summer of 2019, a father named Robert Poirier took his sons, 8-year-old Brendan and 10-year-old Max, on a fishing trip.

The boys are big fans of the YouTube channel BlacktipH, which shows off big and sometimes rare catches off the coast of Palm Beach County. Robert flew his sons from their native Georgia to the spot where their favorite YouTube show is filmed, Palm Beach, Florida, to go on a epic two-day fishing trip.

On the first day, Brendan reeled in a 9-foot dusty shark that weighed in at 300 pounds! It took him 45 minutes, and was about 5 times the average weight of someone his age.


The next day, their catches were even bigger.

Max said, “The first one I caught was a 250 pound goliath grouper, which I did not expect to be my first fish.”

Brendan and Robert reeled in some massive fish that day, some weighing up to 400 pounds!


According to an Instagram post, the father and his sons reeled in a total of seven Goliath Grouper fish, totaling 2,200 pounds.