Battery-Powered Sleeping Bag Warms Campers With 3 Different Settings

photo credit: Amazon / FIRSERMO

For those out there sleeping under the stars on the cold winter nights, there’s a nifty gadget on the market that’ll keep you and your toes warm. It’s called the FIRSERMO Electric Heated Sleeping Bag.

photo credit: Amazon / FIRSERMO

Features Of The Heated Sleeping Bag

It’s being sold on Amazon and it’s got a 4.2 out of 5 star rating. The reviews for this thing are great and there are many reasons why. First off, the sleeping bag heats up at two very important places when camping, the waist area and the foot area.

It’s so sophisticated that it has strategically placed temperature sensors inside the bag so it automatically cuts off if the temperature gets too high. It’ll turn back on when the temperature gets too low this way you don’t get overcooked or left frozen while you sleep.

photo credit: Amazon / FIRSERMO

How It’s Powered & The Fabric

It’s powered by a portable Power Bank that you’d normally use for charging your cell phone, however, it doesn’t come with the sleeping bag. You can purchase one online though through Amazon.

The outer layer of the sleeping bag is crafted with 300 thread count synthetic fabric that’s water repellent, breathable and highly durable. The inner fabric of the bag is made with a very soft 180 thread count synthetic as well.

photo credit: Amazon / FIRSERMO


In addition to that, the inside the bag has a conveniently placed zipped pocket to store your valuables while the main zipper on the outside of the bag is an anti-snag zipper.

All of these features provide a great night’s sleep and that’s why if you’re interested in one you should view more details on Amazon.