Kane Brown Shows Off Baby Girl’s Finished Nursery In Instagram Video

Kane Brown / Instagram

Kane Brown and his wife, Katelyn, welcomed their first child in late October, a baby girl they named Kingsley. The Browns put the finishing touches on her nursery just days before Kingsley was born on October 29.

The nursery and Kingsley serve as a bright lights in an otherwise dark time for Kane. On October 12, his longtime drummer, Kenny Dixon, passed away.

I know u will be watching over us with that red neck accent that we all love and you will never be replaced bro!!! I promise u that!!” Kane wrote on Instagram after the news broke of Kenny’s passing.


Kenny leaves behind his fiancée, Sarah, and a young son, Levi. GoFundMe was set up to benefit Sarah and Levi during this sad time. You can donate by clicking here.

In the midst of such sadness, Kane found joy in preparing for the arrival of baby Kingsley. He mentioned this when he uploaded a video tour of her finished nursery, writing, “We have had some super rough days lately.. but this puts a smile on my face.”


Kingsley’s nursery is done in white with calming shades of gray as accents. A blue, neon sign that spells out her name can be seen above her crib on one side of the room.

The nursery features a patterned wallpaper, which has a subtle woodland print. A large picture of a lion wearing a crown appears on one of the walls, and it’s quite regal in appearance.

Speaking of regal, fabric drapes from the center of the ceiling to all corners, creating a large canopy that envelopes the entire room.

You can see Kane’s entire nursery tour by tuning in to the video above.

Kane has already devoted a song to his baby girl. Titled “For My Daughter,” the song has Kane pledging that he will never leave Kingsley behind. You can hear that song below.