Marine Veteran In Hospice Granted Wish To See His Dog One Last Time

Albuquerque Animal Welfare Dept

“Yesterday was a special day for a veteran named John Vincent and his beloved dog, Patch,” the Albuquerque Animal Welfare Dept. wrote on their Facebook page.

They said this before explaining the heart-wrenching last wish of a Vietnam War veteran that they were able to help make come true.

Vincent was recently admitted to the Raymond G. Murphy Veterans Affairs Medical Center Hospice Center and unfortunately was forced to surrender his longtime fuzzy friend to the Animal Welfare Department as he had no family in the state.

Amy Neal, a palliative care social worker for the VA Medical Center, explained that Mr. Vincent may not have much time left – but he did have a final wish: he wanted to see his dog, Patch, one last time.

“Yesterday we were able to make their final reunion happen. Our AWD Director, Danny Nevarez, along with team members Joel Craig, Desiree Cawley and Celina Chavez-Fennell took Patch down to the Hospice Center for the reunion,” The Animal Welfare Dept. wrote on Facebook. “It was such a heartwarming moment! They were so happy to see each other and to say their good byes. It was an honor to make this veteran’s final wish come true.”

Patch, who is a 5-year-old Yorkie mix was thrilled to see his owner and for the Animal Welfare Department, they were glad that they could make such a difference in a veteran’s day.

“When the request came in, it was an immediate ‘absolutely,’ and let’s do whatever we can to get it done,” Animal Welfare director Danny Nevarez said, according to The Albuquerque Journal. “It was as simple as getting Patch over here.”

The pair reports that Vincent and Patch used to ride around on his Harley motorcycle together and Patch even had his own pair of goggles.

Luckily, even though Mr. Vincent had to give Patch up to the shelter – he already has a new home lined up!

See the full post from the Animal Welfare Dept. below.