Miranda Lambert & Husband’s Christmas Card Features Over A Dozen Pets

Miranda Lambert / Instagram

Miranda Lambert and Brendan Mcloughlin shared a Christmas card with fans that included a few special guests.

The couple, who shared their second Christmas together, created a collage of black and white photos for the season’s holiday card. Lambert and Mcloughlin are all smiles in plaid shirts, bandanas, and cowboy hats. Surrounding the couple’s selfie are over a dozen animals. From horses to chickens, Lambert is very passionate about her pets. She even named each animal in her Christmas post on Instagram.

“Merry Christmas y’all! Thelma , Louise, Jessi, Bellamy, Delta, Cher, Tequila, Macaroni, Gibson, Leiani, Sophie, Titan, Ellie , Adriana, Sugar Pie & the chickens in Coop De Ville!” Lambert wrote, celebrating each of her pets.

In an interview with Country 102.5, Lambert shared that she and her husband share twenty-two animals in total. The “Bluebird” singer explained: 

“They obviously are very, very happy right now because everybody’s home. So I don’t know how they’re gonna feel about me going back to work.”

Lambert does not shy away from sharing photos of her furry friends online and often posts, and one of her horses even made an appearance in her music video for “Settling Down.”

See the full Christmas card below.

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