Producer For Reba, Dolly, Kenny, & Tim Recalls Being Saved From Nashville Bombing

Shimon Prokupecz / Twitter

On Christmas morning, Downtown Nashville was rocked with a bomb that detonated on Second Avenue. Thanks to the quick actions of six Metro Nashville police officers, only three people were injured. Without them evacuating residents, many more people would have been hurt, if not killed.

An RV parked on the street was playing a recording that said it would blow up at 6:30am. Music producer David Malloy was out for a walk with his dog, heading straight for where the bomb went off.

He lives and works on Second Avenue and is known for producing for Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, Tim McGraw, and the late Kenny Rogers.

The recording that I was hearing, I just assumed it was coming from the police car,” he told News2 in a virtual interview.

After noting that Downtown Nashville is usually very quiet on Christmas morning, Malloy said there were “police cars at each corner with their lights on. And the guy from the 21c Hotel was running outside the building saying we’ve got to evacuate.”

All of a sudden, an “officer was in the middle of the road of Second Avenue walking towards me, telling me to evacuate,” Malloy recalled. “I said, ‘Why do I need to evacuate?’ And right then — boom.”

The producer says he feels “really, really fortunate” to have been evacuated and was safe from the bomb.

“Myself and the officer, and two other officers standing out there, we were OK. It just obviously scared the crap out of us,” he said before revealing that the windows of the building near his had blown out.

He calls it a “Christmas miracle” and we don’t blame him. We will continue to pray for the city of Nashville.

Watch his interview below.