Miranda Lambert Stops Mid-Song After Forgetting Her Lyrics

YouTube/Country MusikLvr

During a recent surprise appearance at the Ryman Auditorium, this country music songstress and superstar forgot her own lyrics in the middle of a performance.

It’s not uncommon for singers to flub their own lyrics or even rearrange verses on the fly, but rarely do you see folks actually forgetting the lyrics to their own songs, but with a vast collection of hits and songs that she’s put out, it’s definitely gotta be tough to remember all the lyrics to every single song!

Taking to the stage with country quartet, Little Big Town, Miranda Lambert was performing her song “Dear Old Sun” from her recent double album, Weight of These Wings, she forgot the lyrics to the second verse.

The women from Little Big Town were providing backup vocals and harmonies to her throughout the song, so when she had a little moment with her lyrics, all three stopped singing abruptly when Lambert spoke into the microphone, saying, “I forgot the words.”

Without missing a beat, Karen Fairchild and Kimberley Schlapman both jumped right back into it after Lambert asked to restart the second verse again – and it was as if nothing had even happened! These performers are true artists and know just how to keep the show going – even when minor bumps like this happen!

Watch this stunning performance and minor flub in the video below and let us know what you think in the comments!