Missy & Jase Robertson Welcome Two Teenagers Into Their Family

MissyDuckWife / Twitter

For several years, we watched Missy and Jase Robertson on their family’s hit show Duck Dynasty. They appeared alongside Jase’s brothers, his nieces and nephews, his parents, as well as their own children, Reed, Cole, and Mia. Their son Reed’s wedding to his wife Brighton was even filmed for a special episode.


Because the show allowed fans to get an inside look into their lives, when it ended after five years and eleven seasons, Missy decided to remain just as open and honest to her followers, thanks to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and her blog.

In her blog, she has written about some extremely personal things including her grandfather’s passing, each of her children’s triumphs and hardships, and some big changes her family has gone through, especially in the past year.

She revealed in June that after many years of being a student herself, and then a parent, at Ouachita Christian School, her youngest child, Mia, would be transferring to the local public school – something that no one in her family had ever done before.

Now, just as they are getting ready for Mia’s freshman year of high school to begin, Missy and Jase received a phone call from their church. The church knew of a teenager from Nicaragua who was planning on going to college in Minnesota, but needed a place to stay before school started because of the horrific violence happening in her home country.

The girl, whose name is Karina, had to travel to Costa Rica to go to their US Embassy because the one in Nicaragua had closed down for an “indefinite period of time.” After receiving her American student visa, she tried to return home, but the border was closed and because she didn’t have a visa to stay in Coast Rica, she was left with limited options.

Open Hearts, Open Home

Jase, Missy, and Mia opened their hearts and their home to Karina and just in the last few days, they received another phone call. This time, about a high schooler named Shaskya from Ecuador. She was getting ready to come to their town of West Monroe, Louisiana, and attend the same high school as their daughter Mia, as a foreign exchange student, but her host family had to back out at the last second due to a family emergency.

Missy wrote, “Jase wasn’t home when this message came to me, and he wasn’t expected to be home until the next morning.  So, I told myself, “’I’ll think and pray about it tonight, and if I wake up tomorrow and feel like this is a good idea for our family, I’ll talk to Jase’.”

The next day, she spoke with her husband about Shaskya and honestly revealed, “I’ve been trying to think of a reason for us NOT to do this,” and said she couldn’t think of one. Luckily, neither could Jase.

Missy ended the blog post revealing that even though they’ve only known the girls for a short time, they already consider them family.

Minnesota is quite far from Louisiana, but thank goodness for airplanes,” she wrote. “Jase has already told Karina that he will fly her here to be with us on Christmases and during the summers.  Isn’t that where college kids go during breaks?  Home.”

In just a few weeks time, this Robertson clan has grown from a family of five to a family of seven, and it’s all because of their huge hearts. Welcome to the family, Karina and Shaskya!