Morgane Stapleton Finally Reveals Gender Of Baby #5 & Shares New Photo

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The Stapletons Strive To Shield Their Kids

People are naturally curious to know more about their favorite celebrities’ lives. When they get married, they want to see the wedding video, when they have babies, they instantly want to know their names.

But those who have tried to learn more about Chris Stapleton‘s family have been unable to learn much. Chris and his wife Morgane have kept their five kids’ identities so tightly under wraps, that we don’t even know some of their names.

Morgane Stapleton / Instagram

The couples’ two eldest children have appeared in photos on Morgane’s Instagram, but you never see their faces. And for the longest time, we didn’t know their names either.

Later, we learned that the two kids are a boy and a girl named Waylon and Ada. After years of keeping their names secret, Chris finally revealed them during an acceptance speech at the 2018 CMA Awards.

Then, in April 2018, Morgane gave birth to twin boys. Much to everyone’s surprise, she willingly shared a photo that showed the two babies’ faces.

However, she didn’t reveal their names. Later, when Chris shared Waylon and Ada’s names during his CMA Awards acceptance speech, he simply called them, “the twin boys.”

How Much Would They Share About Baby #5?

Just a few months after the twins were born, Chris and Morgane revealed they were expecting their fifth child together.

For all of Morgane’s past pregnancies, the couple chose to find out the babies’ genders ahead of time. But as they told E! on the Grammys red carpet in February, they decided to be surprised this time around.

So if Chris and Morgane stuck to their plan to be surprised, that means they were unaware if they were having a boy or girl when Morgane finally gave birth in May.

The couple announced the news through a post on Morgane’s Instagram. She revealed that the new baby arrived some time before Mother’s Day, though she didn’t give the exact birth date.

To no surprise, she also didn’t share the baby’s name. But one piece of informations fans were surprised to see Morgane leave out was the baby’s gender.

Morgane Stapleton / Instagram

Weeks passed, and the public still had no clue if Baby Stapleton brought the family’s ratio to 5 boys, 2 girls, or 4 boys, and 3 girls (counting Chris and Morgane).

We Know At Last!

Finally, Morgane shared the news everyone had been waiting to hear, and also posted a brand-new photo of the new addition. The sweet picture shows Baby Stapleton all snuggled up and sleeping peacefully.

Morgane chose to share the photo in honor of the baby’s upcoming one-month birthday. And she can’t believe how fast HE has grown already.

That’s right, Baby Stapleton is another boy!

Morgane Stapleton / Instagram

Sweet boy…” Morgane wrote in the caption to her photo. “It’s hard to believe almost a month has already gone by.”

Isn’t he a sweetheart?

We wonder if Chris and Morgane stuck to their plan and chose to be surprised when Baby Boy Stapleton arrived. Based on the interviews they took part in before his big debut, they were clearly excited to meet him!