Mother Rattlesnake & Her 16 Babies Found At TX Construction Site

Facebook / Manor Police Dept

During hot summers in the South, it’s normal to see snakes regularly. It’s not normal, however, to come across an entire family of 17 rattlesnakes all hiding out together!

But, it appears that’s exactly what happened in Texas and a local police department shared their findings on Facebook to help raise awareness about the dangerous reptiles.

The Manor, Texas police department was called in after a mama rattlesnake and her 16 babies were found at a construction site at the Sunstate Equipment Company. The mama, a western diamondback rattlesnake,  turned out to be a big girl – measuring in at 3.5 feet long.

The police department warned that if you come across a rattlesnake in the wild, it’s important to stay as far away from it as possible. While it can be tempting, encountering a wild snake is not the time to take out your phone and film.

According to the Texas Poison Center Network, the state has seen a 54% increase in calls about snakes in the past year.

Just in Texas alone, there are 15 different types of venomous snakes. So, you’d better make sure to watch your step.

Paul Crump, a Texas Parks and Wildlife herpetologist spoke with KVUE, and had this to say: “There are a lot of legitimate [incidents] where it’s hiding somewhere and people don’t see it, but a lot of bites occur when people are messing with snakes and they shouldn’t be.”

Bottom line? If you see a snake, let it be. And definitely, if you see 17 snakes in your workplace, don’t try to handle the situation yourself – call the experts.