Naomi Judd Slams Modern Country Music With Spicy Statement

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Comparing the style of music that helped her and daughter Wynonna Judd sell more than 20 million albums to that of today’s country music, this living country legend doesn’t hold back when criticizing the current climate of the genre she greatly contributed to.

Soaring throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s across the charts as an impressive female country music duo, Naomi and Wynonna Judd were known to the world as The Judds – and boy did they have quite the following!

Earning five Grammy Awards and countless others from various awards shows, The Judds were one of the foremost contenders on country radio for their decades-long reign over the genre, and clearly established themselves as one of the most-loved classic acts to emerge from that era.

In a statement about their forthcoming new collection of hits, The Judds – All-Time Greatest Hits, Naomi opens up about what it feels like to be considered a timeless, classic part of country music history and also throws out some barbs toward modern country – critiquing how they sound and explaining what she thinks is wrong.

“It makes me proud to feel like our songs are (timeless),” Naomi said. “We have country music right now that is a pale copy of what country music started out being.”

“Wy and I are standing on the shoulders of Tammy Wynette, who was my best friend, Dolly and Loretta. And they all had stories. People today are over produced. The songs are drippy.”

Beyond calling out modern country for the flaws in production and their lack of traditional sounds, Naomi says that the music of her generation is something that would survive nuclear war.

“There are three things that will live on if they drop the atomic bomb: Cher, roaches and Judd music.”

What do you think of her statement? Do you agree with her?

Check out the video below of a classic Judds performance of “Why Not Me” and be sure to pick up your copy of The Judds – All-Time Greatest Hits, available today.