NASCAR Driver Had ‘Hidden Cameras’ In Bedroom & Bathroom, Lawsuit Alleges

Rusty Jarrett / Getty Images

Both the driver and his team have been sued by his ex-wife for secretly recording both her and her mother in the couple’s former homer, her lawsuit alleges.

Original reports of the lawsuit stated that former NASCAR driver, Greg Biffle, had installed ‘hidden cameras’ in private areas of the home he shared with ex-wife, Nicole Lunders Biffle. Now, sports reporting site Jalopnik has unveiled the actual court documents that corroborate the original claims.

In the lawsuit, both Biffle and his former team, Roush Fenway Racing, and one teammate, are named as defendants for what the suit says was an extreme violation of privacy. It further claims that Biffle and his teammate installed hidden cameras in the master bedroom, bathroom, and guest bedroom and had the footage uploaded to both a DVR system and then backed up the data to a Roush Fenway Racing server.

Beyond just installing the cameras and recording the footage, Nicole Biffle and her mom allege that both Biffle and his teammate, Ricky Matthew Reavis, had 24-hour access to the camera footage and that Biffle had shown the footage to others.

Within the court documents, it is stated that Nicole Biffle was aware only of the traditional security system and cameras installed, but further states that her ex-husband claims (under oath) the hidden cameras were installed because he feared the cleaning service was stealing from the house.

No description of the type or quantity of footage is expressed, however, the documents reveal that Nicole Biffle and her mother appear to believe that the footage may still be contained on Roush Fenway’s servers.

Head on over to Jalopnik to read the full court documents and watch the video below that details Greg Biffle’s split with Roush Fenway back in 2016.