‘Nashville’ Actress Hayden Panettiere Performs Patsy Cline’s ‘Crazy’

ABC / YouTube

Before the show Nashville officially ended, it was somewhat of a phenomenon. ABC cancelled the show after Season 4, and the social media outcry got it picked up by CMT for two more seasons.

During Season 3, Hayden Panetierre’s character, Julliette Barnes, auditions for a movie called Shenandoah Girl. The movie is a Patsy Cline biopic and she was auditioning for the lead role, which she ultimately got. Dancing With The Stars alum Derek Hough played her husband in the movie.

Barnes had to sing a song to audition, and better way to audition for a role playing Patsy Cline, than sing one of her signature songs, “Crazy”?

In the show, Panetierre’s character was just recently broken up with by the love of her life and was heartbroken, but had to audition for this role. When she arrives, she asks the casting director what notes he has about the scene.

He says, “Patsy’s just gotten in a fight with her second husband, one that’s pretty physical, but she’s still got to perform,” which is what she was living through at that very moment.

She tried to keep it together, but towards the end of her audition, she breaks down into tears singing a song about being alone, when that is now her reality. Her riveting performance won her the role and her character went on the receive an Academy Award nomination.

Watch her full audition in the video below.