Florida Georgia Line Has A Bold Response To Their Vigilant Haters


Country music duo Florida Georgia Line is no stranger to backlash from both a musical perspective and personal standpoint. Aside from the previous controversy in regards to FGL requesting that no police officers be present back stage during one of their riveting concerts, causing a mass uproar of fans and said “haters” accusing them of being anti-law enforcement, the duo has also received critical negativity in regards to their music. Some calling their modern sounds “bro country” and  “hick hop”, various traditional country music fans have essentially excluded the performers’ music from the genre and continue to hound and negate their differentiating sound, often referring to them as the “Cruise Guys” in light of their hit song “Cruise”.

Well, these tough southern boys sure as hell don’t scare too easily!  Telling Taste Of Country during an interview, singers Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley explained, “If they want to call us the ‘Cruise’ guys, we’ll take it, because that’s the biggest song in history.” Shots fired! These boys aren’t going down without a fight! Hubbard continued, “I literally look at it almost as like, man, if we don’t have haters we’re not doing something right. For every hater of FGL, there are 10,000 lovers.”

However, the boys are humbled by their self-made success, Kelley saying, “No label put this together. Me and Tyler met and built this thing from the ground up with the team around us.” As the two continues to delve into the work and raw emotion they’ve poured into their proven successful albums, one can see as to why this duo isn’t about to let a group of “Debbie Downers” ruin their hard work and much deserved recognition.

Their album Dig Your Roots was released in August and has been the latest rave, showcasing their incredible song “H.O.L.Y.” and humble duet “May We All” with country music star Tim McGraw.

Seeing that these two are refusing to back down, “May We All” enjoy their fiery and exhilarating music video to their song with the one-and-only “Indian Outlaw”. Tell us what you think!