Natalie Maines’ Ex Demands Judge Block New Dixie Chicks Music

Getty Images/ Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic, Facebook / Dixie Chicks

Just a few weeks ago, news broke about the nearly two-year-long legal battle Dixie Chicks frontwoman Natalie Maines has been in with her ex-husband, Adrian Pasdar.

They cited “irreconcilable differences” in their legal divorce filing, but it seems that those differences are getting named in other court documents…especially some filed in recent weeks.

Pasdar says that she has an income of around $2 million / year, but says she keeps claiming that she has “negative income” even though she received an alleged $500,000 advance for a new album.

And that’s where this legal drama takes a whole new twist…

In documents obtained by The Blast on Yahoo! Entertainment, it appears that Pasdar is stating their prenup provides him rights under its “confidentiality” clause. Because of this “confidentiality,” he is demanding the judge give him copies of all of Maines’ unreleased music – as it may contain sensitive information about him.

Maines, however, was shocked by this request – because he had been trying to get the prenup invalidated by the court…which is the basis for his financial argument.

Earlier this year, Maines asked the court to keep the prenup as valid in face of his other financial demands…but now, he’s citing the prenup as a reason to block her music from release.

Fans will probably have their own say in all this…especially since the Dixie Chicks haven’t released a new studio album in 13 years.