Bizarre Video Shows Rednecks Ramming Tin Boat Into Bass Fisherman’s

Instagram / Zack Birge

Truly crazy, this video was posted without a really strong explanation of what was going on – but the footage itself is enough to determine who was actually in the wrong here.

Major League Fishing Pro Zack Birge shared the full-length video on his Instagram account earlier this week with a caption asking the public for help identifying the two assailants shown in the video.

Instagram / Zach Birge

Birge writes that his two friends, Jacob Russell and Jacob McClendon were fishing on their bass boat at Ft. Cobb Lake in Oklahoma when a tin boat with two men in it began ramming their bass fishing boat – over and over again. 

As the two sets of fishermen yell at one another over the conflict, the assailing boat continues to ram the bass boat – and pushes it hard into the dock. Then they ram the engine several times again.

Birge captioned the incident on Instagram:

“We need help finding these two guys. Yesterday evening [Jacob Russell] was fishing at Ft.Cobb Lake around the golf course marina when these two guys began harassing them and damaging his boat. Supposedly they work for the marina. Any leads can be sent directly to @juhcobbrussell . Warning…explicit language. Thanks for the help.”

According to the Sunset Cove Marina’s own Facebook post – the two in the other boat are not employees of the privately-owned marina.

Facebook / Sunset Cove Marina

By the way the Sunset Cove Marina statement reads, they seem to be saying that the bass fisherman – who were fishing near the boat slips, caused damage to other boats nearby.

Many people are accusing the marina of deleting comments on their Facebook post, but we cannot verify these claims. Other comments claim that one of the people in the assailing boat is related to the marina owner – but again, this remains unverified.

Facebook / Sunset Cove Marina

Check out the damage that was done to the bass boat by the tin boat ramming into it repeatedly – plus check out the entire video at the very bottom of this article.

No arrests have been made at the time this article was published.