Backstage Footage Shows Faith Hill Overcome With Stage Fright


Moments before taking the stage during the debut show of her first world tour in ten years, Faith Hill nearly breaks down as she is overwhelmed with stage fright and hesitation.

A video released as a part of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Showtime special gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at the couple’s immense undertaking for their revived Soul2Soul World Tour – and catches the emotional moment where Hill experiences stage fright like never before.

“Oh my gosh…okay,” Hill said with a heavy sigh as a hairdresser worked on her.

“I’ve been raising our children…I’m not sure I can do this again,” She continued, narrating over clips of her getting ready. “It’s an enormous undertaking.”

The camera pans around the stadium of screaming fans at the New Orleans opening concert and her husband opens up about his understanding of why she’s feeling so much stage fright.

“I don’t know that we thought it was gonna be as big of deal as it is,” McGraw confessed.

“You know, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on stage in this way,” Hill said, her voice straining with emotion. “And I’m not confident in myself that I have what it takes to…deliver in the way I did before.”

Together the two have almost sold out every single concert on their joint tours, and with ticket sales that high, it’s got to put a lot of pressure on the two sitting in the center spotlight. On top of that, voices and singing styles change as you get older, and this sometimes creates different hurdles for artists.

“I understand where she’s coming from – there’s always a certain amount of fear and a certain amount of ego and unworthiness that you feel as an artist. It’s those two things that rub each other is what drives you forward,” McGraw said, pacing around backstage.

Looking directly at the camera, Hill confessed “I feel like I’m going to throw up and cry all at the same time. I want my mom, I want my dad.”

Even through all that emotional turmoil that had been built up to this very first show and captured on film by Showtime, Hill and McGraw took the stage in style.

Watch the full behind the scenes footage below and see exactly how they did once they got on stage.