Only Johnny Cash’s Vocals Exist On This Version Of “I Walk The Line”

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The talent of Johnny Cash is one that comes along but once in a lifetime. In an isolated vocal track with limited background sounds featuring the country music legend singing his iconic “I Walk the Line,” Cash proves what fans already knew to be true: Johnny Cash can be imitated, but never duplicated.

The video features the fresh-faced country singer performing “I Walk the Line” backed by a fully-manned band made silent by sound engineers. While a rhythmic beat is somewhat heard, the volume of Cash’s voice overpowers it, because with a voice like his, who really needs music?

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“I Walk the Line” was written and recorded by the country singer in 1956, going on to become his first song to hit No.1 hit, with sales exceeding well into two million units. Almost five decades after its release, “I Walk the Line” was ranked at number 30 on Rolling Stone’s list of the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time.”

Cash wrote “I Walk the Line” as a pledge of love and devotion for his first wife Vivian Divorto, whom filed for divorce following her suspicions of a blooming romance between the singer and June Carter.

You can listen to the isolated vocal track for “I Walk the Line” below.