Owlets Hatch In Nest Outside Man’s Window – Now They Watch TV With Him

Vroege Vogels / YouTube

One of the world’s largest owls, the Eurasian eagle owl, made its nest in the planter outside of Jos Baart’s 3rd story apartment window. At first, he thought his new outside neighbors were pesky pigeons and was annoyed with the noise they made throughout the day. Much to his surprise, one day he walked by the window and saw an enormous mother owl take flight out of the planter box.

Since the gigantic owlets hatched, they’ve taken to watching TV through the window with their new landlord. According to Baart, whenever he has a show on, the three owlets line up along the edge of the window and stare at the TV in fascination.

Vroege Vogels / YouTube

Baart couldn’t be happier with his new neighbors. He says it’s like having a 24-hour show right outside his window providing lots of entertainment. He’s extremely lucky too because these elusive owls are rarely seen in the wild and are hard to capture photos of.

The owlets will have lived outside Baart’s window for about 5 months before they’re ready to fly away. Even though they look huge right now, they still have some growing to do before they leave the nest.

Check out the video below to see the size of one of these baby Eurasian eagle owls as a zookeeper holds it.