Paddleboarder “Stalked” By Hammerhead Shark

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A fearless paddleboarder had an unexpected close encounter with a hammerhead shark while embarking on an 80-mile journey from the Bahamas to Florida’s Lake Worth Pier.

Malea Tribble’s paddleboarding adventure turned into a scene straight out of a thriller, leaving her and those who witnessed the encounter in utter disbelief.

As Malea glided through the vast ocean on her journey raising funds for cystic fibrosis research, she had no inkling of the terror that lurked beneath the serene surface of the water.

“I was just doing my thing when I felt a gentle tap on my board,” Malea recounted the story to WPBF, as her voice tinged with shock. “Initially, I brushed it off, assuming it was seaweed entangled in my fin. It happens sometimes. But little did I know, a predator was stalking me, a hammerhead shark of all things.”

She cautiously paddles back to the boat after realizing it was a shark!
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Getting Her Back To The Boat!

To her astonishment, the tap transformed into a heart-stopping realization when she saw her husband’s face contorting into sheer horror. In a matter of seconds, the engine of the boat her husband was on went silent, and Malea was swiftly guided towards safety.

Remaining composed in the face of danger, Malea focused on maintaining her balance while eagerly escaping the predatory intruder. Glimpsing beneath her paddleboard, she locked eyes with the hammerhead shark, an encounter that sent shivers down her spine. In that moment, it seemed as though the creature had fixated its gaze on her.

KITV / YouTube

With nerves of steel and unwavering determination, Malea eventually reached the safety of the boat, her heart pounding with a mixture of relief and adrenaline. After a brief respite, she resumed her journey.

Reflecting on the ordeal, Malea shared her indomitable perspective, “Just like falling in. You fall in, you get back up. You don’t sit there and sulk about falling in. You have to just keep moving. It’s the best way to kind of move forward.” 

Undeterred by the harrowing experience, she expressed her unwavering commitment to participating in the event again next year, refusing to let fear dictate her actions.

As viewers around the world absorb the shocking tale of Malea Tribble’s shark encounter, it serves as a stark reminder of the untamed and unpredictable nature of the ocean.

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