Pat Sajak’s Daughter Debuts On “Wheel Of Fortune” As Letter-Turner

YouTube / Wheel Of Fortune

Maggie Sajak, the 25-year-old country singer daughter of Wheel Of Fortune host Pat Sajak, helped out while her father was on medical leave following a serious medical issue.

Pat spoke up about his battle with a blocked intestine just a week ago and revealed he was already back, taping new episodes. For Maggie’s debut on the show – she came in to help out Vanna White while Pat was still out during a pre-taped episode.

Maggie Sajak stepped out to a very warm on-air welcome from Vanna and donned a crimson red dress. The two together took a look at the first time she was introduced to Wheel Of Fortune fans way back in 1996 when she was just one year old.

In the years since Maggie has worked hard to build her career in country music and also attended school at Princeton University.

This fun step outside of her normal day had her leading the charge in Vanna’s role as letter-turner while Vanna stepped in for Pat as the host of the show.

Check out the fun videos of Maggie Sajak’s debut as letter-turner on Wheel below!