People Can’t Stop Talking About George Strait’s Rowdy New Single ‘Goin’ Goin’ Gone’


It’s no secret that living legend, George Strait, doesn’t ever get too rowdy. In a genre filled with party starting bangers, Strait is considerably one of the calmest guys in Nashville.  Which is why his rowdy new single off his 2015 album, Cold Beer Conversations, “Goin’ Goin’ Gone” is catching a lot of people off guard.

Strait may not be a touring artist anymore, but his latest barroom anthem is a reminder that his status as The King of Country still rings true. After taking the world by surprise and dropping his twenty-ninth studio album out of nowhere (because who needs to advertise when the music is this good?), Strait is now releasing the out of character “Goin’ Goin’ Gone” as the third single from the record.

In the weekend starting party song, Strait plays the part of a blue collar worker who lets loose after punching his time card in for the week and takes a well deserved trip to the local bar.

“I’m overdue so throw it on the card,” sings Strait. “Bartender, keep it open, I’m just getting started. Come Monday morning, I just might be overdrawn. But it’s Friday night, so, I’m goin’, goin’ gone.”

While Strait’s days of back-breaking labor are far behind him, his performance of the blue collar anthem doesn’t come off as forced and manages to maintain a genuine sound. The simple country song sounds exactly like George Strait even when it sounds nothing like him at all. Strait, now 64, has achieved a state of timelessness with his music that few country artist even dare to aspire to.

Listen to “Goin’ Goin’ Gone” in the video below to fully understand why he’s “The King” of country.