Thomas Rhett’s Wife Finally Reveals Pregnancy Plans


These childhood sweethearts have been married for nearly four years, but their plans for kids have remained somewhat of a mystery, but now, Lauren Akins has opened up about her thoughts on starting a family.

Recently, the wife of country superstar Thomas Rhett (and daughter-in-law of Rhett Akins), had a heart-to-heart with her 22k Twitter followers about everything under the rainbow…and one of those topics was about her future plans for babies.

“Yes, we’re gonna have kids, hopefully sooner than later,” she tells her fans, adding that she hasn’t quite reached an agreement with Thomas about the quantity – but expressed that her goal is to have a very, very big family!

She elaborated on her definition of a big family, saying that she’s hoping they’ll have at least five kids!

So what would they name all five children? Well, it’s unlikely they have five names to hand out right off the bat…but she did confess that one of her favorite names could never be one for their children.

“Cash” is the name of their second dog, and while Lauren says she’s “always loved” the name – because they chose it to complement their first dog’s name (Kona), she is refusing to name a child the same!

These two are a beautiful example of true love and Lauren has helped Thomas during his career many, many times – even picked out singles from albums and helped him choose what to record!

Watch her Periscope video from Twitter below and let us know what you think!