People’s Choice Awards Monologue Parodies “Yellowstone”

E! News / YouTube

On December 6th, Saturday Night Live superstar Kenan Thompson opened up the 2022 People’s Choice Awards themed out in America’s fastest growing and most viewed cable television series, Yellowstone.

However, even though he was calling himself a Dutton and sitting on a horse with a cowboy hat, he jokingly started the show off as a character from “Blackstone,” not “Yellowstone.” 

Speaking from the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California, Kenan jokingly said while sitting on top of his horse that he was from the great wide plains of Atlanta and it took him three days to travel by horse to the People’s Choice Awards.

Many A-list celebrities were there to watch the Yellowstone parody including Music Icon Award winner Shania Twain. Watch this hilarious video below the two did together while they were working behind the scenes.

After his Blackstone parody, Kenan then took the stage to give his opening monologue where he talked about nominated shows and movies like Stranger Things, The Batman, Jurassic World Dominion, and Nope.

Speaking on Robert Pattinson-starring superhero flick, Kenan joked, “Man, how dark can Batman get? If he gets any darker he’s going to be Wesley Snipes!”

Kenan also talked about a sequel 36 years in the making saying, “The 60-year-old man who does his own stunts in Top Gun: Maverick. Shout out to Tom Cruise.”

Before his awards, Kenan spoke with E! News saying that the main thing he was focused on for the night was to have “a good time” while “celebrating the people’s choices.”

“There’s very hard workers out there in the biz,” Kenan said of the many actors, singers and celebrities in the showbiz.

Watch The Yellowstone Parody In The Video Below