Pi-Rat On “The Masked Singer” Revealed To Be Jeff Dunham

The Masked Singer / YouTube

A new season of The Masked Singer started recently, and viewers are having a blast trying to figure out the identities of the contestants.

Some of the singers have already been unmasked, including the celebrity behind the Pi-Rat costume. In case you were wondering, the Pi-Rat was a rat dressed like a pirate.

The Pi-Rat took to the stage with a performance of Elton John’s “Crocodile Rock.” His costume included one big hint toward his identity…because he was hauling around a tiny treasure chest with a small rat inside.

Seems like the Pi-Rat was nodding toward the fact that he’s a ventriloquist, wouldn’t you say?


The Pi-Rat was unmasked after that performance, and was revealed to be comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham!

This was really stepping outside of my comfort zone,” Dunham said in his first interview after he removed the mask. He said he thinks his daughters would be proud of him for getting out there and doing something they never would have thought he’d do.

Dunham also spoke about a hilarious moment when he (as the Pi-Rat) got into a spat with guest judge Donny Osmond. Osmond said he thought Pi-Rat was an entertainer, but not a dancer. When Pi-Rat learned it was Osmond who said that, he joked, “Oh, you mean he’s doing something without his sister?

Osmond walked onstage to jokingly confront the Pi-Rat, but ended up kissing him on the nose. So when Dunham was revealed to be the Pi-Rat, Osmond’s reaction was priceless!

After the show aired, Dunham shared a post on social media to speak about his experience as the Pi-Rat. He said:

Ta daaa!! Yep, being on #TheMaskedSinger was crazy fun! Did you guess it was me!? And thanks to my new BFF @donnyosmond for not slapping me! Wait what!? #donnyosmondkissedme.


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We’re sad we won’t get to see more of Dunham on The Masked Singer!

Head below to watch Dunham’s first unmasked interview after he was revealed to be the Pi-Rat. Did you know it was him from the start?