Police Horse Injured In Brutal Dog Attack

The Sun / YouTube

A shocking incident occurred in Victoria Park, East London, where a police horse on patrol was viciously attacked by a dog that was off its leash.

The disturbing footage circulating on social media shows the dog ferociously clamping down on the horse’s leg, causing severe injuries to Urbane, the victimized police horse.

Despite the brave efforts of mounted officers and people passing by to stop the attack, the dog refused to let go, leaving Urbane with bite wounds to its leg and torso. It’s horrifying to think of the trauma the animal endured.

This incident should serve as a wake-up call for dog owners everywhere. It is essential to keep dogs on a leash, especially in public areas like parks, where other animals and people are present.

The lack of responsibility shown by the dog’s owner, in this case, has resulted in a traumatic experience for the police horse, and the brave officers who were patrolling the area. The situation could have been much worse if the horse had become uncontrollable and started to kick bystanders trying to help.

The police force has done an excellent job in responding to this incident, and the dog responsible has been seized for assessment.

The owner will be held accountable for their pet’s actions and most likely face the necessary consequences for failing to control their dog.

In the meantime, Urbane is on the road to recovery, and we hope that this won’t affect his future duties.

Watch The Footage From The Incident Below