Pregnant Wife Jumps Into Ocean To Save Husband After Shark Attack

Margot Dukes Eddy / Facebook, marciaatrice / Instagram

One man is extremely lucky to be alive after suffering a “severe” shark bite while snorkeling in Florida. According to the authorities, his pregnant wife leaped into the water and pulled him to safety.

30-year-old Andrew Eddy and his family were on a private snorkeling boat at Sombrero Key Light on Sunday, September 20, 2020. According to a statement made by the the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, he was bitten “almost immediately” upon entering the water.

The Sheriff’s Office received information there was a bull shark in that area by boaters who had been there previously. The shark was described by witnesses as eight to 10 feet in length. There was no one fishing or chumming the water where the group was snorkeling.

Deputy Christopher Aguanno wrote in an incident report that Eddy’s wife, Margot Dukes Eddy, saw the shark’s dorsal fin, and then saw the water fill with blood.

“Dukes, without hesitation, dove into the water and pulled Eddy to the safety of the boat,” Aguanno wrote.

The couple was on the boat with her parents, her sister, and her sister’s boyfriend, most of whom were already in the water when the attack occurred.

Eddy, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia was taken from the water to Sombrero Beach around 10:30 a.m., and airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center in Miami. His injuries were described as “severe,” though his condition has not been released.

For a closer look into how dangerous bull sharks can be, check out the video below.