Raccoon Politely Places Order At Dunkin’ Drive-Thru ‘Like A Regular’

Samantha Jane Guptill / Facebook

In a heartwarming display of charm and culinary preference, a raccoon at a Dunkin’ drive-thru in Florida has captivated the internet with its impeccable manners.

The adorable encounter was captured in a TikTok video shared by user Samantha Jane Guptill (@samguptuppy), and it quickly became a viral sensation, accumulating over 21 million views and 4 million likes.

As the video begins, Guptill’s astonished voice narrates the drive-thru adventure of what might be America’s most polite raccoon. She eagerly exclaims, “What in the world? My dude. He wants some Dunkin’ doughnuts,” while waiting in line with a companion whose laughter can be heard in the background.

Samantha Jane Guptill / Facebook

Guptill pleads, Don’t hit him, don’t hit him!” as the raccoon approaches the takeout window.

To everyone’s surprise and delight, the raccoon patiently waits at the window, displaying a level of patience that suggests it’s probably done this before. Guptill excitedly wonders aloud if the workers will actually give the raccoon a doughnut, building anticipation for the impending interaction.

What happens next exceeded everyone’s expectations. With its incredibly nimble fingers, the raccoon gracefully holds out its paws and receives a delectable-looking vanilla-frosted doughnut, grabbing it with its paws before putting it into its mouth.

The clever critter then scampers away on all fours, disappearing into a nearby bush to savor its morning breakfast in peaceful solitude. Guptill, unable to contain her excitement, exclaims, “Oh, my God,” while those around her chuckle at the adorably peculiar sight.

Guptill, overwhelmed by the response her video received, expressed her gratitude on Facebook, stating, “I’m glad everyone appreciated it as much as I did.” She added that the raccoon “seemed like a regular,” echoing the sentiment of countless viewers who left over 30 comments on her Facebook post and over 33,000 comments on TikTok.

Samantha Jane Guptill / Facebook

Enthusiastic fans of the video flooded the comments section, suggesting that Dunkin’ should use this charming encounter in a commercial. Others marveled at the raccoon’s gentlemanly behavior, with one TikTok user remarking, “She could have thrown it, but she handed it to him like the little gentleman he is.”

The raccoon’s unexpected visit to the drive-thru has sparked curiosity among viewers, with many speculating that this may not be its first encounter at the establishment.

Fascinatingly, raccoons possess an exceptional memory, capable of remembering tasks for up to three years. It seems likely that this Dunkin’ location will continue to receive visits from this delightful creature for the foreseeable future.

This Dunkin’-loving critter is not the only raccoon to make headlines for its unconventional escapades. In 2019, a raccoon broke into a vending machine at a Florida high school, eventually being freed by a resourceful officer. And in 2020, a mischievous duo infiltrated a bank in Redwood City, California, their heist foiled before completion.

Perhaps these masked bandits could learn a thing or two from their kind-hearted cousin and opt for a more polite approach next time.

To witness this endearing raccoon’s Dunkin’ doughnut adventure firsthand, watch the viral video below. Prepare to be charmed by its impeccable manners and undeniable cuteness.

Watch The Raccoon At Dunkin’ Donuts Below