Police Respond To A Cry For “Help”…Turns Out To Be A Goat

Enid Police Department / Facebook (main photo) - Guilhem Vellut / Wiki Commons (circle photo)

In a bizarre twist of events, what started as a seemingly urgent cry for help turned out to be a case of mistaken identity involving a rather distressed goat. The Enid Police Department located in Enid, Oklahoma found themselves racing against time, only to realize that their heroic efforts were not required in the end.

It all began when Officers David Sneed and Neal Storey responded to a report of someone heard yelling for assistance. Bracing themselves for a potentially dire situation, the officers ventured into a grassy, wooded area of a local farm, following the faint cries echoing through the distance.

As they inched closer to the source of the distressing noise, Officer Sneed’s keen ears detected what he believed to be a plea for “help.” Heart rates rising, adrenaline pumping, the officers sprinted towards the sound, ready to save the day.

But lo and behold, their damsel in distress was none other than a disgruntled goat! In a moment of shared amusement, Officer Sneed, amidst laughter, exclaimed, “That’s a goat? From a long distance, it sounds like help!”

Enid Police Department / Facebook

As it turns out, the goat had been separated from its fellow companion, causing it to emit sounds eerily similar to human cries. The farmer, who was on the scene, explained the curious situation, revealing that he had taken one of the two male goats out of the barn, which had left the remaining goat feeling rather unhappy.

The Enid Police Department, known for their dedication and quick response, had inadvertently become participants in a comical rescue mission that had the whole town abuzz. Sharing the amusing incident on their Facebook page, the police department quipped, “You really can’t say it was that baaad of a call.”

While it might not have been the life-or-death situation the officers initially anticipated, their swift actions and genuine concern for those in need are a testament to their commitment to the community. Their valiant effort, though unnecessary in this particular case, deserves our appreciation.

As the tale of the goat rescue spreads across Enid, it serves as a lighthearted reminder that even in the most unexpected circumstances, our brave officers are ready to leap into action. So, the next time you hear cries for help, just make sure it’s not a goat in need of a friendly ear. After all, you never know what surprises await in the realm of public service.

In the end, it’s safe to say that this goat’s cry for help will go down in Enid’s history as a harmless, yet unforgettable, blunder.

Watch The Officer’s Body-Cam Video Footage Below