Randy Travis’ Brother Honors His Legacy With Spontaneous Cover Of Popular Hit

(Left) wildonionmusic YouTube Channel/(Right) Warner Music Nashville

Turns out that Randy Travis isn’t the only one with singing talent in his family! His brother, Ricky, sings country music as well, and he does a great job.

Ricky often honors his legendary brother by sharing covers of some of his biggest hits. He’s done everything from “Before You Kill Us All” to “He Walked On Water.” But he’s never done a cover like the one he posted on Sunday (May 7).

In the past, Ricky always rehearsed his song of choice before he recorded it and shared the video online. He decided to do things a bit differently with his cover of Randy’s popular hit “1982.” The song was one of Randy’s many Top 10 hits, and climbed as high as the sixth spot on the Hot Country Songs chart.

In a brave move, Ricky sang “1982” spontaneously, without any rehearsal time beforehand.”This was raw, unrehearsed, and simply recorded with an iPhone,” reads the description to the video that Ricky shared.

Listening to Ricky sing this, we never would have guess that it was unrehearsed! It’s clear that Ricky know his brother’s music well, because he pulled off his cover without a hitch. If you listen closely, you can even hear a hint of Randy’s voice in his.

However, Ricky admits that no one could ever sing “1982” like his brother. That may be true, but we think Ricky did a fine job himself!

Go ahead and tune in below to watch Ricky’s spontaneous cover of “1982.” This cover was a request from a fan, so which song would you like to hear Ricky cover next? You never know, he just might do it!