Rat Vs Gator: “Little Rat Gonna Fight!”

Annelise Jr / Facebook

Filmed at an aquarium in Wisconsin an inspiring video shows the dedication a rat had to stay alive after it had been thrown into an aquarium with a hungry alligator twenty times its size.

Annelise Jr / Facebook

The animal keeper threw the rat in there to feed the gator but the rat wasn’t going to be its lunch so easily. A visitor at the aquarium filmed the incident and the video showed the white rat riding on top of the albino alligator in the aquarium.

“No matter the size, little rat gonna fight!” Annelise Jr wrote on Facebook.

The rat walked up and down the back of the gator as it squirmed around in the water trying to get the rodent off. At one point, the rat even climbed onto the gator’s head. It was giving the reptile such a challenge that the animal keeper decided to step in and help.

Annelise Jr / Facebook

The animal keeper used a stick to push the rat that climbed onto dry land back into the water towards the gator. The reptile tried to eat it but the rat was too slick once again and slipped away to live a bit longer.

Eventually, the animal keeper helped the gator catch the mouse and he finally got to eat his live meal. Check out the footage below to see this for yourself.

Rat Vs Alligator Video Below