Reba McEntire Admits She Was ‘Forced’ To Become Her Own Manager After Divorce

OWN / YouTube

When Reba McEntire and Narvel Blackstock announced in 2015 they were divorcing after 26 years of marriage, the couple said they intended to continue their professional relationship. Blackstock served as McEntire’s manager before they were married, and managed her career for a little while after the divorce.

However, on March 29, 2016, McEntire announced that Blackstock was no longer her manager. Instead, McEntire revealed that she was going to serve as her own manager through her role as President of Reba’s Business Incorporated (RBI). She also built up a solid team to help her manage her career from this point forward, including an associate manager/tour manager, brand manager, and controller.

At the time, it seemed McEntire was looking forward to the new phase in her career, as she said, “I thought it was a good time now to break free from management.

But in a shocking confession during an interview with The Contributor, McEntire admits she never wanted to become her own manager. 

I was pretty much forced to do it,” she said. “It wasn’t my choice to take over my career as manager. I didn’t see it coming, but you know, that’s life.

McEntire didn’t reveal who made her become her own manager, or why she was resistant to the change. Although this new step in the business side of her career isn’t quite what McEntire asked for, she’s taking it all in stride:

“I’m adaptable; that’s a very important word. I’m a person who likes change, accepts it and knows it’s part of living. But I also believe change brings and encourages growth. Even mistakes you learn from – and it helps take you to the places you need to go or be.”

If there’s one thing we know about McEntire, it’s that she always stays strong no matter how many challenges she has to face. We have no doubt she’ll do just fine at being her own manager!

What do you think about McEntire’s admission she didn’t want to break away and start managing her own career?