Reba McEntire Finally Reveals How Her & Rex Linn’s “Tot” Nicknames Came To Be

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Reba McEntire has been making her rounds to different talk shows to promote her new show, Big Sky. She is joining the cast as a series regular for Season Three.

Reba plays a character named Sunny Barnes, who runs a camping and glamping excursion business. She and her husband Buck, played by real-life boyfriend Rex Linn, run the business together.


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When it was announced the couple was working together came as a pleasant surprise, as we absolutely love them together. They first met doing the 1991 movie The Gambler, but they reconnected in early 2020 in Los Angeles when they went out to dinner with some mutual friends, including Reba star Melissa Peterman.


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In their time together, they have developed cute nicknames for each other Together, they are the “Tots,” with Reba as “Tater Tot” and Rex being “Sugar Tot.”


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We love these nicknames they have for each other, but we’ve always wondered how they got them! Well, during her recent appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan, she finally told the story.

When the first reconnected in early 2020, they went out to dinner with friends, but one of them had a wine bar a few blocks away, so they all went there.

Reba says the server at the wine bar had heard they already had dinner, but asked the group if she could interest them in some appetizers to snack on while they drank wine. The “Fancy” singer asked what they had.

All the server had to list off was tater tots, and Reba raised her hand. And because of her reaction to the offer of tater tots, Rex has been calling her “Tater Tot” ever since!

Watch her tell Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest the story below.