Reba’s Epic Stage Entrance Is Just The Start Of Magical 1990 “Fancy” Performance

YouTube/Callum Craig

One of the biggest productions from the 1990s, this queen of country music always put on a massive show for her fans during the tour supporting her multi-platinum album, Rumor Has It – and you’re about to see why it sold out almost every single date!

With the debut of her 15th studio album, and her iconic hit song “Fancy”, Reba McEntire was on top of the world in country music. Naturally, she needed a smash-hit tour to bring these unforgettable songs to the masses and show off her mesmerizing ability as an entertainer!

Once this 1990 concert began, two headlights beam through the darkness of the stage as the audience sat silent in anticipation of what was going to happen next. Slowly rolling out onto stage, an old antique taxi reminiscent of old cabs from New York City came into view of the spotlight. As it turned slowly onto the stage, a woman in a black overcoat and hat stepped out into view. Reba had arrived!

This was just the beginning of her iconic performance of “Fancy” for this massive crowd of country music fans – and it was only going to get more intense!

As she moves about the stage in her black coat, the song continues telling the story of a girl named Fancy, and right at the height of the song – Reba unfurls her hair and throws her coat to the ground, revealing a striking fiery-red dress!

At the end of the song, this living country legend treats the audience to an explosive ending with sparkling fireworks erupting along the edge of the stage.

Watch her magical 1990s concert performance of “Fancy” below – you won’t be disappointed!