Kelly Clarkson Shares Video Of Her Terrifying ATV Ride

Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

Kelly Clarkson may be known as a pop star, but she’s a country girl at heart. In fact, Clarkson has many ties to the country music community, and some of her closest friends are country singers. Her mother-in-law is also Reba McEntire, who was married to Narvel Blackstock, the father of Clarkson’s husband, Brandon.

Clarkson is also known for her extraordinary covers of major country hits. During past shows, she made it common practice to perform a cover of one of her favorite songs or one a fan requested. Those were often country songs, and Clarkson was happy to sing them.

In addition to singing country songs, Clarkson has fully embraced living the country lifestyle. As she shared with her Instagram followers on Thursday (August 3), her family has welcomed a batch of chickens, and they are apparently due to start laying eggs any time now!

Our chickens are the sweetest,” Clarkson wrote along with a photo of two of her family’s feathered friends.

But there’s one critter on Clarkson’s property that she likely considers to be more of a foe than a friend. On Sunday (August 6), Clarkson shared a spooky-looking video of her riding her ATV through the woods on her property at night.

While nothing seemed unusual at first, Clarkson’s captions to the video clued her followers in as to what they should expect. The hashtags included #BatmanVSKelly and #WaitForIt.

The video shows Clarkson traveling along various trails in the woods, and she talks about looking at bats. She eventually came across one, and it appeared to by flying a decent distance away.

However, it must have been closer than the video made it seem, because within seconds it was diving at Clarkson and her ATV! Clarkson let out a scream of pure terror when the bat came her way, and we can’t blame her. That had to be a terrifying experience!

You can watch the video of Clarkson’s scary ATV ride below. We’re glad that she wasn’t hurt!