Ree Drummond Posts Photo Of Youngest Son Looking All Grown Up

Ree Drummond / Instagram, William Morrow / YouTube

In 2006, Ree Drummond began her career with her blog, The Pioneer Woman. She turned a simple blog about her life as a ranch wife, mom, and cook. By 2009, she was getting up to 13 million page views per month.

She made her Food Network debut on an episode of Throwdown! with Bobby Flay, where he traveled to her Oklahoma ranch to compete against her. They both made their own versions of a Thanksgiving feast – Bobby’s was more gourmet and Ree’s was her style of cooking. Ree beat Flay and in August 2011, her very own Food Network show premiered.

Her show has been on the air since, so we’ve gotten a chance to watch her children grow up right before our eyes. The Drummond family consists of Ree, her husband Ladd, and their kids Alex, Paige, Bryce, and Todd. A few years ago, they began fostering a son named Jamar, who is forever part of their family. Their daughter Alex married Mauricio Scott in 2020, so he’s now a Drummond, too!

Ree recently shared a photos of her youngest son, Todd, and fans can’t believe how grown up he is! He is now a senior in high school and just finished up his first season as starting quarterback for his school’s football team. Older brother Bryce was the quarterback for three years prior, with Todd being his backup.

In her latest post, she revealed some facts about Todd: “He’s a gift! He’s very tall. He likes funny t-shirts, I get him three or four every Christmas. He’s got a canon for an arm. He’s a lifelong Marvel fan. And he likes downtime…finally, a child who’s aligned with my extroverted introversion.”

See it below.

Looking back on her Instagram, you can see just how much Todd has grown even in the last several months! You can see him tower over his mom in height, but just a few months ago, he wasn’t as tall!

Check out a video below of some early times on The Pioneer Woman below.