Aaron Rodgers’ Doppelgänger Goes Viral At Football Game

Sunday Night Football on NBC / Facebook

A Green Bay Packers fan has recently gone viral over social media after showing up to the Packers vs Bears game looking almost identical to the star quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Frank, a software engineer was visiting all the way from Germany and said he was there spending time with his dad. They traveled from Munich to Chicago to watch the game at Lambeau Field as a birthday present to his father.

Frank had a number twelve jersey on and people began calling him Aaron’s doppelgänger in the stands and giving him free beer because he looked so much like the football player.

Things really erupted for him when cameras started filming him and someone told him that he was on Twitter. They then showed him photos of Frank on the official page for Sunday Night Football on NBC.

“Someone beside me said ‘Hey man you’re on Twitter and TV,” he told the station. “The next day when I saw millions of views on Twitter, it was unreal.”

Commenters on Twitter began retweeting the post and jokingly saying that he looked more like Aaron Rodgers than Rodgers does and that Rodgers must have gone back in time to experience the game from the stands.

The real Aaron Rogers eventually heard about it and got on The Pat McAfee Show saying that he was“trying to astro-project myself into the stands and I was able to do that and then they found me somehow.” 

“That was an astroprojection of myself with a filled in beard – great beard, by the way,” he said before alleging that Frank was “a total plant.” 

Hear Frank’s Call-In Interview With Reporters Below